Voyage en Angleterre

We went to Cornwall, in the United Kingdom. We have travelled for a week. We were two classes of students (3C and 3D) and we were accompanied by four teachers. We visited many fantastic places, such as Newquay, St Michael Mount, Minack theater, Eden Project, Tintagel Castle and so on…

Our journey :

    We started our trip on Saturday, April 2nd. We took the bus on Saturday afternoon. We travelled all night long and we arrived on Sunday morning on the ferry. So we spent all day on board, we arrived at night in Plymouth and we were welcomed by the families, which were all fantastic.

  • On Monday we went to Eden project and in some fishing-villages, which were very charming. The first one is called “Looe” and the second “Polperro”. They are typical villages of Cornwall.
  • On Tuesday we went to Tintagel Castle, went to see the ruins of the castle where King Arthur was born, we had a walk, there were sublime landscapes. Then we visited a museum about King Arthur.
  • On Wednesday morning we went to St Michael Mount and in the afternoon we went to Minack Theater. The visits were very interesting and the scenery was very impressive.
  • On Thursday we visited Newquay, a famous surf spot. We went shopping and we spent a pleasant afternoon at the edge of the sea.
  • On Friday, we spent all day in Plymouth, we went to a shopping center, we had a lot of free time, that was cool ! In the evening, we joined the bus and we went to the ferry. We spent the night on board.
  • The next morning, we arrived in France. We spent our whole Saturday in the bus and we arrived around midnight in Danjoutin.

Tintagel :

   Tintagel Castle is a medieval fortress located in Cornwall near the village of Tintagel. It would have been built in the early Middle Ages. According to the legend, Arthur’s father, the King of all Britain, Uther Pendragon, would have been in war against the Duke of Cornwall. He would have protected his wife Ygraine therefore he’d have sent her to Tintagel castle. When the war was over, he would have come back to his wife in Tintagel. Later was born their son Arthur. We spent the morning visiting the ruins, we also went to the beach. The sun was shining and some people went to the sea. In the afternoon, we walked to the edge of the cliffs, and we returned to the village. We visited the museum of King Arthur and then we went shopping. The scenery was truly amazing.


Eden project :

We have visited Eden project. Eden project is near St Austell. It was built in 2000 and it opened in 2003. Before being this project, it was a limestone career. Eden project is a big place which has got two biomes: a jungle biome and a Mediterranean biome. First, we have visited the jungle biome. We were hot. The jungle was very hot and wet. We have been to a nacelle and we have seen above the jungle. It was amazing.
After that we have been to the Mediterranean biome and we have seen a lot of plants. We have already known a lot of those plants because most of us went to the Mediterranean sea in holidays. The climate was not very wet but it was hot. We have had free time so we have visited the whole site. The Eden project is a very good idea for the environment. This walk was a beautiful day with our friends and our teachers.


Our feeling :

We have spent a very good trip even if we didn’t like the ferry and the bus but we loved every day we’d spent in Plymouth. Our trip was amazing. Our teachers were very cool. We’ve laughed a lot with our friends. We have discovered many beautiful places and many people. Our host-families were very nice. Actually, we have spent a wonderful school trip.

Tous les élèves qui sont partis en voyage remercient les professeurs qui nous ont encadrés mais aussi faits rire. Nous avons passé un magnifique séjour avec vous et je pense que personne ne l’oubliera.

Rédigé par : Emma B.

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